Lost Woman Azalea Trails

August 14, 2016
San Jacinto Mountains

Written by Glenn Henderson

We received a call from dispatch that the boyfriend of Yvonne had called in and said his girlfriend was missing. He, her 9-year-old son and she had gone hiking up the Azalea Trails planning on going to the summit of San Jacinto. They lost sight of her at 12:30 noon and it was now 11:30 at night. Lee Arnson was the only one available as other team members were on a rescue of two other hikers. As Lee got on scene he was informed that Yvonne had hiked over the summit and down to the Palm Springs Tram where she found two others that were lost. They use their cell phone and called in where they were and that all were OK.

RMRU Members Involved: Lee Arnson and Glenn Henderson.