Two Overdue Teens

May 30, 2016
Santa Rosa Plateau, Murrieta

Written by Raymond Weden

Shortly before 5am on Monday morning, we received a call for a search for two overdue teenage males. I was the first on scene and confirmed with the Deputy the finer details of our missing subjects. Their car was at the trailhead still and they had called 911 at some point prior to our arrival. With the 911 call we had a GPS location that put them high up in Cole Canyon just on the outskirts of the Santa Rosa Plateau.

Cameron and I headed up the trail in to Cole Canyon towards the last known point. The rest of the team split into two smaller teams and approached the GPS location via two different starting points on the plateau. As all three field teams were close to the last known location our two missing subjects, they walked up to their vehicle. They had walked out through the Plateau and continued through the city streets until they made it back around to their car.

All field teams were called back to the command post and made it on time to their planned BBQs later that day.

RMRU Members Involved: Lee Arnson, Steve Bryant, Cameron Dickinson, Eric Holden, Tony Hughes, Kevin Kearn, Raymond Weden and Gwenda Yates.