Two Hikers Lost near Peak

February 23, 2016
San Jacinto Peak

Written by Glenn Henderson

California State Parks got a call from the two Indiana men near the mountain's peak late Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. One hiker was 51 and the other 39. Star 9, (the Sheriff's helicopter crew) called for two rescuers to perform a rescue of two hikers on the North Face of San Jacinto. Star 9 flew to the area and determined that the winds were way too high to do any type of hoist. They found the hikers, not on the North Face, but on the Saddle between San Jacinto Peak and Frank Miller Peak. Lee and Glenn were responding to Hemet-Ryan Airport when we learned the San Jacinto State Park had two rangers hiking to the subjectís location, so we were called off.

The men took the Tramway up to Long Valley and then hiked to the peak. They lost the trail when coming back down and called for help on their cell phone. The two rangers got to the men and hiked them back to the Tramway, but it was after the tram and shut down for the night. They spent the night with the rangers and took a 6:30am Tramway car back down to the valley station.

RMRU Members Involved: Lee Arnson and Glenn Henderson.