Car Over the Side

February 6, 2016
Poppet Flats

Written by Raymond Weden

While currently on assignment with Riverside County Sheriff's Aviation (see the previous mission) a call came in for a vehicle over the side in the Poppet Flats area. We reconfigured our gear anticipating a major medical situation and loaded up the stokes litter.

Upon arriving we assisted in spotlighting the area for the first responders below. An impressive ground hoist operations was underway. We landed as we were initially tasked to transport the patient directly to a hospital. Shortly after landing we were informed that Mercy Air was in route and they will be doing the transporting. This was a better option as Mercy Air can provide better patient care. We headed back to Hemet-Ryan Airport to re-reconfigure our gear to finish the previous mission.

RMRU Members Involved: Kevin Kearn and Raymond Weden.

Riverside Sheriff’s Office: Aviation - Pilot: Mike Calhoun, Technical Flight Officer: Eric Bashta.

Other Agencies: Cal-Fire and Mercy Air.