Lake Hemet Search

December 11, 2015
Lake Hemet, Garner Valley

Written by Cameron Dickinson

The team was dispatched on December 11th to locate two adults and a young child that went missing near Lake Hemet.

The couple decided to take a later afternoon hike off-trail into the forest south of the lake. Later in the evening the couple called 911 and reported that they were lost and unable to find their way back to their vehicle. The missing couple expressed that they had some warm clothes and water. The Deputy was able to make phone contact with the subjects and was asked them to stay where they were so the searchers could get to them, provide aid if necessary, and guide them back down. The weather was cold and had snowed earlier that day, however the skies had cleared up and was partly cloudy.

Riverside Sheriff’s Aviation was dispatched to try and locate the subjects. They were located up on the mountain, and their GPS coordinates were provided. Team members Lee, Judy, and myself headed up the mountain. Glenn would operate base. Other team members Ray, Tony, Eric, and Wayne were either in route, or on scene. As Lee, Judy & myself approached the subject’s location, we shouted out to them with no response. We radioed back to base, and other team members were asked to see if the subject’s car was still in the parking lot.

Ray would drive to that location, and radioed back indicating that their car had left the parking lot. Because of the dropping temps with concerns of the young child, the subjects decided to head back towards their vehicle. Luckily, they were able to find their vehicle, and ended up leaving. The Deputy was able to call the subjects, and confirmed that they did leave. The Deputy was able stay in touch and correspond with them thereafter.

RMRU Members Involved: Lee Arnson, Cameron Dickinson, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Tony Hughes, Wayne Smith, Judy Spowart, and Ray Weden.

Riverside Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff’s Aviation.