Car Over Main Divide Road

November 23, 2015
S. Main Divide Rd., Lake Elsinore

Written by Cameron Dickinson

A call went out to the Team around 10:00pm to respond to and assist Cal-Fire in evacuating a male driver that drove off a paved road, coming to a stop 500 feet down into the canyon below. Since I’m more local to the Hemet-Ryan Airport, I would drive there for a possible helicopter extraction, while team members Dana, Donny, Ray, and Tony were in route to meet awaiting Deputies and Cal fire at the scene.

Quick information provided on the male subject, he was conscious and alert, and was able to respond to verbal communication. Once we arrived, Cal-Fire was already on scene providing medical attention to the subject. Since the terrain was so thick with deep brush, the fastest method of getting him out was by helicopter evacuation. As we flew overhead, I was lowered down to the subject, followed by the litter (stretcher) basket. With the assistance of Cal-Fire, we were able to gently load him into the basket, secure him in place, and hoist him up and out to awaiting paramedics at fire station just down the hill in Lake Elsinore.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Donny Goetz, Tony Hughes, Dana Potts, and Ray Weden.

Riverside Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff’s Aviation.