Hoist Soboba Hills

October 31, 2015
Soboba Hills, San Jacinto

Written by Cameron Dickinson

I received a mission call-out on Halloween evening to perform a hoist evacuation of two local 17yr old males which were stuck on the side of a steep hill in the Soboba hills north of San Jacinto. I became familiar with this location, as I did a hoist rescue there a few weeks prior. Dana Potts also responded to the call, and was in route to the Hemet-Ryan Airport. Since there was minimal room in the aircraft, Dana would be on standby.

Unlike the mission prior where the RSO helicopter dropped us off on the hilltop and hiked down to our subject, this time I would be hoisted down a few feet below on the downslope of our two subjects. After being lowered down, I was able to do a quick assessment of our 2 males. Both were unhurt and in good condition. As the helicopter hovered above, we were able to hoist up one person at a time, followed by myself. From there we returned safely back to the Airport.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson and Dana Potts.

Riverside Sheriff’s Office: Aviation and Deputy Bruce.