Hikers with Heat Problems

September 20, 2015
Pacific Crest Trail Snow Creek

Written by Pete Carlson

As one call out was cancelled another call for two people coming down the PCT into Snow Creek who were having problems with the heat. The first rescuers on scene where from Desert Search and Rescue (DSAR) and Lee from RMRU They opened the gate to drive up to the PCT trailhead and when they reached it found the subjects already there. It turns out they were not out of water, just having leg cramps. They just went slowly and got down to the trailhead. We are not sure why the even called for help? They were from out of the country and trying to hike the PCT from Mexico to Canada. They were given a ride back outside the gate and the Sheriff talked to them and got information and then Cameron gave them a ride to the casino hotel in the Banning Pass. The rest of us went home having spent 3 hours driving around to two call outs, but never having to hike.

RMRU Members Involved: Lee Arnson, Pete Carlson, Cameron Dickinson, and Eric Holden.

DSAR Members Involved: Sharon Ollenburger, Chris Miller, and Mike Smith.