Search Lake Elsinore

September 16, 2015
McVicker Canyon in Elsinore

Written by Glenn Henderson

The team was activated to respond to a search in McVicker Canyon in Elsinore. We were searching for a 44 year old male that had been gone for an undetermined amount of time. We started the search and found his baseball cap within the first hour of searching. It had rained heavily the day before so there was no chance of finding tracks from the cap. The canyon is extremely chocked with brush so most of our time was spent crawling on hand and knees under the brush. A few more hours of searching turned up his I-Pad but still no clues as to his location.

Star 9 arrived on scene and after a short time of flying in widening circles they reported they had possibly found him. He was quite a ways out of our search area so Sheriff's personnel were dispatched to the location. They determined that it was probably our mission person. The coroner was dispatched and they removed the subject. It was later determined that it was our mission person. Couse of death has yet to be determined.

Our hearth felt sympathies go out to the subjectís family and friends. It is always hard when a search results in a bad outcome.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Tony Hughes, Judy Spowart, and Raymond Weden.