Missing Hiker Wellmans

June 09, 2015
San Jacinto Mts. – Wellmans Divide

Written by Cameron Dickinson

As I was leaving from a prior mission, another call went out to the team. This time it was for a missing hiker near Wellman’s Divide out of Humber Park. Since I was relatively short distance from the station, I decided to drive over to pick up our team vehicle and headed up to the trailhead to meet with the awaiting Deputy. At this point, RMRU members Pete, Lew, and Gary responded to the call-out and were driving to meet at the trailhead.

Once I arrived, the Deputy was able to provide some detail on our missing hiker. The missing male hiker became separated from his friend as they were hiking on Wellman’s Divide Trail on their return back from hiking the San Jacinto Peak earlier in the day. As his friend waited for an extended period of time, he became concerned and decided to call 911. Since he was losing daylight and didn’t have a headlamp or flash light with him, he decided to continue on with his hike down the mountain back to the parking lot where his friend had parked his car.

As I was loading my pack on shoulders, I looked up on the hill and noticed a hiker with a bright light coming down the trail. I walked to greet the hiker, and confirmed that it was out missing subject. The hiker was good condition although exhausted, had extra food and water remaining, and was surprisingly well equipped with extra gear (GPS, trekking poles, etc.).

RMRU Members Involved: Pete Carlson, Cameron Dickinson, Gary Farris, and Lew Kingman.