Hoist Massacre Canyon

June 09, 2015
Massacre Canyon City of San Jacinto

Written by Cameron Dickinson

I received a call from our call captain to see if I was able to respond quickly to perform a hoist of a hiker in Massacre Canyon in San Jacinto. Luckily I was relatively local and was able to arrive at the meeting location on Gilman Springs Road in 20 minutes. When I arrived, the San Jacinto Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, and Cal Fire had already arrived at the scene. Mercy Air had landed in the adjacent field and was on standby. I received word that a male hiker had sustained injuries from a 100 foot fall. His friends that were hiking with him called 911 and reported the emergency. Sheriff's Aviation was already on scene and was able to land and pick up the injured hiker and bring him back to base to awaiting paramedics.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson.