Two Missing Teens Corona

March 11, 2015
Tin Mine Canyon - Cleveland National Forest

Written by Ray Weden

It was after 2am early Wednesday morning when the call went out that we had two missing females in the Skyline Trailhead area of Corona. It is moments like these that I have to have a serious conversation with myself to go or not. No, not because I will lose precious sleep but because I have a typical 8am-5pmMonday through Friday job to pay the bills. The Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit is an all-volunteer group and most of us have to work to make ends meet. On this day I HAD to be in the office to kick off a very large project that morning. I loaded up my rescue gear in my car with the plan that as soon as I can get out of my office I would head straight to the already established command post. At about 1130 another text was sent out: "need more help". I couldn't resist the call to help so I left with my project unfinished.

I made it to the command post about 1230 and was partnered up with Cameron and immediately sent up the Tin Mine trail to clear some old mine shafts in the area. At this point there were many search teams assisting on the ground as well as Sheriff's aviation search from the sky.

We drove up Skyline to where the hiking trail breaks off and started on foot from there. This first mine shaft was very visible from the trail and had an iron bat gate across it that no human could get through. The next one further up the trail had about a 15 foot climb of loose scree to get to it and Cameron made easy work of getting to it. Though you can't see it from the trail this one also had a gate. With our assignment completed we decided to head back to the command post for another assignment.

Checking Mine

Cameron Checking Mine
Photo by Ray Weden.

It was about 1400 when the LA County Cave Rescue team was flown in to clear some mines off of Hagador Canyon. As the cave team was gearing up a relative of one of the girls came running in the command center saying the father and uncle of one of the girls had found them and they were walking out down the trail. Cameron and I were sent towards Hagador Canyon while members from the Desert Search and Rescue team were sent up Skyline. Within eye shot of the command post the girls and their family were coming towards Cameron and me. As we made our way to them we confirmed it was our two missing subjects Amanda and Jasmine. They were tired, thirsty, and hungry and some small cuts from bushwhacking but otherwise in good spirits. We gave them some food and water while a medic from Rescue 5 was hoisted to our location. The medic cleared them to walk the last 1000 yards with us back the command post.

Medic Checking Girls

Cameron and Medic Checking girls
Photo by Ray Wedn.

When I first arrived hours before, the news media was starting to show up. By now all major networks were on scene and filming.

ABC Video

ABC Video - Link to ABC Story

CBS Video

CBS Video - Link to CBS Story

NBC Video

NBC Video - Link to NBC Story

The girls were soon reunited with their families. We did a quick debrief and headed home... well most of us. I went back to work to finish my project.

RMRU Members Involved: Steve Bryant, Cameron Dickinson, Glenn Henderson, Patrick McCurdy, Dana Potts, Frank Snider, and Raymond Weden.

Other Search Teams: DSSAR, RSO Search Dogs, and LA County Sheriff Cave Team.

Agency Support:: RSO S.E.R.T., Corona PD, Corona C.E.R.T., RSO Aviation, LA Sheriff's Aviation, and Corona Fire.