Two Missing Hikers Dripping Springs

January 01, 2015
Cleveland National Forest

Written by Gwenda Yates

At 5pm RMRU was contacted to rescue two female hikers on the Dripping Springs Trail. I put out a text message to all members to call the Rescue Line for more information. Cameron, Patrick, and Kevin all responded right away. While on the phone with the Deputy I asked if San Diego had been contacted. He said yes and that they were in route from their side of the area. About the time Kevin, Cameron, and Patrick got to Temecula I received a call from Dispatch that a San Diego helicopter had spotted the subjects and was in fact preforming the rescue as we spoke. A quick call to the three RMRU members responding and they were turned around to finish their New Year’s Day. A big thanks goes to the San Diego Air Ship.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Kevin Kearn, and Patrick McCurdy.