Three Person Hoist

November 08, 2014
Cleveland Nation Forest Skyline Road

Written by Dana Potts

Three teens from the Corona area had hiked up to the Main Divide from the Skyline trail area in Corona. After coming down the wrong ridge line on their way back to the road, they became disorientated in the high foliage. As darkness came, they called 9-1-1 to report their situation. 9-1-1 dispatchers from RSO asked Riverside PD to use their helicopter to locate the three teens before the sun set completely.

Dana and TFO read for hoist

Dana and TFO getting read for hoist
Photo by Unknown.

Once Riverside PD located the three, they stayed on scene until RSO could arrive. As I live in the Corona area RSO picked me up in a field near my home. I was lowered 50' down into the thick brush. All three were in good health, dressed appropriately and had flashlights to assist the air unit in locating them. All three were given a helmet and hoisted up to the RSO airship without incident.

When the three were safely returned to the trail head, RSO was notified of another possibly mission on Mount San Jacinto.

RMRU Members Involved: Dana Potts.