Hoist Corona Two Hikers

September 27, 2014
Corona Foothills

Written by Glenn Henderson

I received a call from Call Captain Gwenda Yates that Star 9, the Sheriff's Helicopter crew, needed one rescue person to assist in a hoist evacuation in the hills above Corona. The call came in at 6:00 PM and I arrived at the Sheriff's Hanger at 6:30 PM. Pilot Tony Bowen and TFO (technical flight officer) Ray Hiers were waiting for me when I got there. We took off and arrived on scene just as the sun went down. Ray hooked me up to the winch and lowered me into the brush where the two guys were stranded. The brush was so thick that I don't know how they even got there. They were uninjured so I strapped each of them into a "screamer suit" and one by one they were lifted into the helicopter. I was the last one in and we flew to Corona Airport where we turned them over to ground transportation to take them back to their car. We then lifted off back to the hanger and I returned home at 8:30 PM.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson.