Marion Peak Lost Hiker

May 27, 2014
San Jacinto Mountains

Written by Editor

We got a call around 9pm for a lost hiker who had hiked to San Jacinto Peak by the Marion Mountain Trail and call to say he had lost his way in the dark on the way back down. Les Walker, who lives in Idyllwild, had just met up with the Deputy at the trail head within 20 minutes of the call when they heard someone calling for help. It turns out the missing hiker was only mile away from the road head and had heard cars and voices, so he call for help. Les was able to find him in 5 minutes and walk him back to the trail head and his car. The other RMRU members in route were told to turn around and head home.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Kevin Kearn, and Les Walker.