Two Lost Hikers

May 13, 2014
Deer Springs Trail

Written by Glenn Henderson

Gwenda received a call at about 6:45 PM that two hikers from Orange County were lost and did not want to stay out overnight. They were uninjured but out of food and water. Their car was at Humber Park. Star 9 had already located the subjects and told them to stay put and they would be back to get them.

I drove to Hemet Ryan air base and met the Sheriff’s Star 9 Helicopter crew to affect a hoist rescue of the two hikers. When we arrived on scene the hikers were gone. We searched for them for quite a while but no sign of them anywhere. When I got back to Hemet Ryan I called Les Walker to drive by the Dear Springs trailhead and if there was no one there to drive on to Humber Park and start hiking up the Devil’s Slide Trail. Before Les could get to Humber Park dispatch called and reported that they had hiked out.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson and Les Walker.