Two Missing Hikers

September 8, 2013
San Jacinto Mountains - Tramway

Written by Eric Holden

Call went out at 5:14pm for two missing hikers out of the Palm Springs Tramway. The two subjects had gone for a day hike in lightweight running clothing and became lost in the Hidden Divide area. They were able to phone in their position shortly before their cell phone battery died.

I drove to the tram station and met with Steve and Kirk in the parking lot. After gearing up we received word that hikers had been found and were being lifted out. Turns out that Les had boarded the helicopter at Keenwild Station in Idyllwild and located the subjects shortly thereafter. Les was lowered near the subjects and soon had them aboard the helicopter. They were dropped off at the lower parking lot and both in good condition.

RMRU team members present: Steve Bryant, Kirk Cloyd, Eric Holden, Les Walker, and Gwenda Yates.