Injured Hiker Tenaja Trailhead

June 12, 2012
Ortega Mountains

Written by Editor

We got the call at 11:00pm that a Hiker on the Tenaja Trail in the Ortega Mountains was badly bleeding. He had stiches after surgery and they had come out while walking and he needed help. When Les got there around 1am in the morning he could not find the Deputy, so he phoned the Deputy and he was told that the Hiker had gotten out on his own and was taken to a hospital. Somehow RMRU was not notified, so we cancelled everyone else. It was 4am before everyone was back at their homes.

RMRU team members present: Donny Goetz, Alan Lovegreen, and Les Walker.

RMRU team members coordinating by phone and computer: Steve Bryant and Rob May.

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