Pacific Crest Trail Hiker in Trouble

June 12, 2012
Snow Creek

Written by Pete Carlson

We got the call at 3:45pm that a Hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail above Snow Creek was in trouble and could not continue hiking. Everyone was on the way to Snow Creek Trailhead and I was the first on scene at 5:00pm. When I got there I could not find the Deputy, so I got his phone number from Steve Bryant who was the call captain in charge. When I phoned the Deputy he told me that he had cancelled RMRU at 4:15pm because a CDF Helicopter had come and picked up the Hiker in trouble. Somehow RMRU was not notified so I called Steve back and he cancelled everyone else. Everyone was back home by 6:15pm 2 hours after the call.

RMRU team members present: Pete Carlson, Carlos Carter, Mike George, Mike Herman, Ralph Hoetger, Kim Jordan, and Lew Kingman.

RMRU team members coordinating by phone and computer: Steve Bryant and Rob May.

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