Injured Hiker Tahquitz Canyon

March 10, 2012
Tahquitz Canyon

Written by Glenn Henderson

I received a call from Gwenda Yates about 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. We had a call for a rescue in Tahquitz canyon for a hiker with an injured ankle. I drove to Hemet Ryan Airport and met Riverside Sheriff’s pilot Chad Marlatt and technical flight officer (TFO) Eric Hannum. The helicopter was already configured to do a hoist so we took off for Tahquitz Canyon out of Palm Springs.

We found three hikers at about the 3400’ level. Eric lowered me to the injured hiker and then backed off while I got him into a screamer suit.

RMRU Rescuer Attaches Subject in Screamer Suit

Rescuer Glenn Henderson hooks subject to hoist
Photo by Glenn Henderson

We then lifted the injured hiker into the helicopter. I followed after our subject was seat belted in.

RMRU Rescuer being hoisted into helicopter

Rescuer Glenn Henderson being hoisted into helicopter
Photo by Glenn Henderson

I had asked the other two hikers if they wanted a ride out with their companion but they both declined saying they were going to continue their hike and camp for the night.

We flew our subject directly to Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs. The mission was over about 6:30 p.m. after a short flight back to Hemet Ryan.

RMRU team members present: Glenn Henderson.

Aviation assets: Riverside Sheriff's Star 9/Chad Marlatt (pilot) and Eric Hannum (TFO).

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