Lost Hikers Guadalupe Trail

January 29, 2012
Pinion Pines

Written by Editor

On Sunday evening at 9 p.m. RMRU was called out to help search for a 77-year-old man and his 11-year-old grandson. They had planned to hike from La Quinta up the Guadalupe Trail to Pinion Pines area and be picked up at the Sugarloaf Café, but called for help when it got dark and they hadn't reached their destination.

RMRU arrived at the Sugarloaf Café and the spoke to a Sheriff’s Deputy, who told us that Desert Search and Rescue (DSAR) was searching up trail from La Quinta and we (RMRU) would be searching down trail from the Sugarloaf Café. He also told us to stand by while Riverside County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit (STAR 9) made a fly over to see if they could spot the subjects from the air. Earlier the subjects had spoken by cell phone to the Deputy and said they had a fire going, were warm and safe, and were just overdue on their hike.

STAR 9 flew over and spotted the subjects right away on the lower trail, closer to DSAR rescuers. The helicopter picked up a DSAR member, flew back to the subjects, picked them up and flew them all back down to the desert. RMRU was released and everyone went home.

RMRU team members present: Lee Arnson, Roger Barry, Paul Caraher, Donny Goetz, Matt Jordon, Helene Lohr, Roger May, and Dana Potts.

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