Tahquitz Rock Climbers Lost Down Route

August 20, 2011
Tahquitz Rock, Idyllwild

Written by Kim Jordon

On Saturday night at 9 p.m. a rescue call went out for two lost climbers near Tahquitz Rock. A large group of RMRU team members assembled to find the lost climbers. It was moving to see how many responded at a momentís notice as we gathered at Humber Park to start the mission.

Nick and Matt ran Base Operations while Tom and Aaron offered additional support. During this time, two hiking teams set out to find the lost climbers. Team 1 included Lee, Donny, and Chad. Team 2 was made up of Les, Ralph, and me. We took the climber's trail toward Lunch Rock. The trail was steep, rocky, slippery, and had many roots. The RMRU members took on the challenge in good spirits. At times we would stop and call out to see if there was any response. Lee was the first to make it to Lunch Rock and very soon after arriving we heard the climbers say that there were no injuries and they were alright.

What a sense of relief that no one was hurt and we found them so quickly. Donny pulled out a full gallon of water that he hiked up for the climbers. They were very thankful for the team's support. There were two other climbers that had found the lost climbers earlier and helped them toward Lunch Rock. The two lost climbers were newly married and this was the first time the wife had been climbing. They had lost orientation after dark when their flash light had died. They were unable to find their way down the mountain safely. Several team members had extra head lamps that were a great help getting the couple down the mountain. There was a sense of relief when everyone made it off the mountain free of injury.

The Sheriff took over interviewing the lost couple at Humber Park. Many local team members offered a place to stay for those team members that lived further away, since the fundraiser Pancake Breakfast was just a few hours away. This was my first mission and as Matt and I rode back to Ralphís house to sleep, I couldnít help but smile about the outcome and being able to be a part of a team of people that I respect.

RMRU team members present: Lee Arnson, Donny Gotez, Ralph Hoetger, Kim Jordon, Matt Jordon, Chad Marler, Tom Meyers, Nick Nixon, Aaron Reyes, Les Walker.

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