Missing Hikers Marion Mountain Trail

Dec 11, 2010
San Jacinto Mountains

Written by Editor

The annual RMRU Christmas Party was just beginning around 6 p.m. at member Rob May’s home when a text message announced a heads up for a search. At that time the Sheriff's deputy was still gathering information and trying to talk to the subjects by cell phone. It took about 90 minutes before we actually got called out. Two hikers had gotten a late start hiking the Marion Mountain Trail towards San Jacinto Peak. Since it is very steep they had reached the Deer Springs Trail junction at dusk and then turned around. They lost the trail while descending.

Member Lee Arnson had been in the desert that day and was not attending the party. He had just arrived home in Idyllwild when the call went out. Lee lives about a 15 minute drive from the trailhead, so he headed out to meet with the deputy to try to get additional information. Three other RMRU members who were already attending the party - Chad, Matt, and Nick - agreed to join Lee and help with the search. RMRU member William Carlson, who was also not attending the party, started over to the trailhead to help out. Meanwhile, the deputy turned on his flashing red lights as he drove up the road to the trailhead, talking to the subjects on the cell phone the entire time. Eventually the subjects could see the deputy's headlights and started hiking, soon finding the trail again. By the time Lee, William, Chad, Matt, and Nick reached the trailhead, the subjects had made it back to their car.

Mission completed with no RMRU members actually hiking into the field and the annual party went on as planned with everyone having a great time.

RMRU members present: Lee Arnson, William Carlson, Chard Marler, Matt Jordon, and Nick Nixon.

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