Missing Day Hiker - Joshua Tree National Park

September 29-30, 2010
Blackrock Campground, Joshua Tree National Park

Written by Editor

On Wednesday, September 29th, RMRU was requested to join a search for a man who had been missing for five days in Joshua Tree National Park. The man had set out for a day hike the previous Friday and was not reported missing until Sunday. Joshua Tree Search and Rescue (JOSAR) along with rescue teams from San Bernardino County searched Monday and Tuesday. Four RMRU members responded, joining approximately 50 other searchers. The search focused in East Wide Canyon where earlier a San Bernardino County team had tracked the missing man but eventually found no other signs of him.

The missing hiker was found alive on Thursday September 30, the seventh day he had been missing, about eight miles from where he had started hiking. The man was severely dehydrated and had some minor injuries and was to spend two to three days in the hospital before being released.

RMRU members present: Paul Caraher, Lew Kingman, Patrick McCurdy, and Nick Nixon

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