Hikers Missing in Tahquitz Drainages

April 18, 2010
Laws Camp

Written by Nick Nixon

The call out text came about 11:00am on Sunday, April 18, 2010. Two hikers had left Marion Mountain trailhead on Saturday morning to hike to San Jacinto Peak. They encountered snow on the ground the entire hike. They never did make it to the peak. One of the hikers was having knee problems so they decided to continue over the ridge going east and to take the tram down. They were able to get cell phone communications out until their battery died. Unfortunately, they were further south than they thought and ended down in the Willow Creek drainage late Saturday afternoon. Star 9 spotted them in the area of Wellman's Cabin. After spending a cold night in the Willow Creek drainage the hikers continued on down towards Carumba.

The first RMRU members to arrive at Humber Park were the Idyllwild guys. Les Walker, Ralph Hoetger and Chuck Springer went up Devil's Slide (with Chuck staying at Saddle Junction for radio relay), and then on to Angel's Glide and over to the Willow Creek drainage. The second team of Paul Caraher, Randy Yates and Nick Nixon went up Devil's Slide (leaving Randy at Saddle Junction to assist Chuck) and continued towards Willow Creek Crossing. Star 9 spotted the two hikers about 1/4 mile east of Law's Cabin heading down towards Carumba. Nick was picked up by Star 9 at Skunk Cabbage Meadow and lowered down about 150 feet where he put the screamer suit on the hikers to raise them out. Another big thank you to the helicopter crew at Sheriff's Aviation.

Members present: Paul Caraher, Carlos Carter, Joe Erickson, Glenn Henderson, Ralph Hoetger, Jim Manues, Grace Manues, Nick Nixon, Chuck Springer, Les Walker, Gwenda Yates, Randy Yates