First Aid What should I know about wilderness first-aid? First Aid

Wilderness first-aid is different from traditional first-aid because it emphasizes on self-reliance. Traditional first-aid is taught with the understanding that trained professionals are minutes away and can be easily accessed by dialing 911. In the wilderness, help is further away and may not be accessible for several hours or days.

You can't learn to ride a bike from a book (or a web site). First-aid is a skill, much the same as bicycling. It needs to be taught in a hands on environment. The best way to learn about wilderness first-aid is to take a course, such as WFR or WAFA.

If you can not attend a wilderness first-aid course or are looking for a more traditional first-aid course, try contacting the American Red Cross, your local hospital, or your local community college for a training class near you.