How do I find water?

If you do not know where the sources of water are in your area, following animal trails downhill might bring you to water since grazing animals, like deer, need to drink twice a day. If you are lucky enough to find dew in the morning, soak it up with a rag, then ring it out into your mouth.

If you can not find a source of water, you can make a solar still. This requires a large plastic sheet and a container to collect the water. Find or dig a hole, fill it with green vegetation or other things containing moisture. Place the container in the center of the hole. Cover the hole with the plastic sheet. Use rocks or dirt to weight down the outside. Place a rock in the center of the plastic over the container. During the hot day, the moisture will evaporate, condense on the plastic, run down to the center, and fall into the container.

Another kind of still is a tree still. Tie a large clear plastic trash bag around one tree limb. Wrap string around the mouth of the bag so it is nearly air tight around the branch. The moisture in the leaves will evaporate and the water will collect near the bottom of the bag. This works best if the branch is nearly horizontal.