Lost Hiker and Dog

September 30, 2022
Deer Springs Trail, San Jacinto Mountains

Written by: Jessie Virga

Around 8pm we were notified of a lost hiker near the Deer Springs Trailhead. I left the gym right away and arrived at the trail head shortly after the other members. We decided to access a maintenance road that was closer to the hiker’s last known location rather than proceeding down the Deer Springs Trailhead.

Within a few minutes we were able to reach the lost hiker and her two dogs. We gave her and her dogs water and offered food and a jacket. Once she was ready, we guided her and her dogs back onto a trail and down to the main road where she was escorted by RSO back home.

RMRU Members Involved: (Matt Frenken, Shani McCullough, Jessie Virga, and Ray Weden)