Evidence Search

November 28, 2022
North Fork San Jacinto River

Written by: Jessie Virga

First RMRU sends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and loved ones of the individual who has passed.

This search began early Monday morning at a rendezvous point located a few miles from the search location. It is at this rendezvous point that Riverside Sheriff’s Office conducted the pre-search briefing with the (Deputies, Sheriff’s Posse, RMRU, and The K9 team. After the briefing all teams proceeded to the search location where Posse and K9 deployed and began the search.

Our RMRU team conducted a grid search pattern throughout the untamed portion of the North Fork San Jacinto River. After many iterations of this grid pattern search, RMRU paired up with the K9 team and conducted several more laps of the entire search area.

After almost six hours of searching through dense terrain and massive amounts of poison oak, the entire search party was able to find and identify more evidence that included additional human remains. At the conclusion of the search the Riverside Sheriff’s Office gathered all evidence and conducted a post-search briefing.

RMRU Members Involved: (Glenn Henderson, Beth Jeffery, Vinay Rao, and Jessie Virga)

Other Agencies: (Sheriff’s Posse and K9 Team)